Why Roseann Bennett Prefers Canine Therapy

They say that a dog is man’s best friend, and nobody has demonstrated this better than Roseann Bennett, Executive Director of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. She is a family therapist who practices in Hackettstown, New Jersey. For more than a decade, she has been working with various families to ensure that they overcome some of the most pressing issues.

Recently, she introduced “Canine Assisted Therapy”, a process that involves the use of dogs to help people with severe emotional problems. She says that before she chose this approach, she thought about the things that are likely to make families happy, and dogs ranked at the top.


Children love dogs too

Roseann Bennett says that in every family that she has visited, she has noticed that children like dogs. There are some who have a pet for every child, and therefore, they have strong emotional attachments to them. In addition to that, parents in such families are likely to identify their children based on the animals that they like. Therefore, when such families find themselves in trouble, it is possible that dogs will help them to feel better. She noticed that with these animals, a therapist does not have too much work to do because things unfold on their own.

For those needing assistance, Roseann Bennett notes, it is easy to make them relax when you use dogs. They can do anything with them ranging from playing around to just relaxing with the animals on a couch or even in the backyard. The relationship with the dog will trigger some sense of belonging and so, it will be easy to manage negative emotions. Read Her Articles for more useful information about mental health.

To make things even better, finding dogs is not a difficult task regardless of where you live and therefore, Roseann Bennett finds this technique as the most effective yeast easiest way to manage people who are going through serious problems.


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