Who is Gregory Aziz And What Are These Accomplishments He Keeps Leaving In His Path?

Gregory James Aziz is the president and chairman of the hugely successful company National Steel Car. The company is known for over 100 years of excellence in engineering and has gained a reputation for being the being North America’s top railroad car manufacturer. Gregory J. Aziz says about his company that they promise to always honor past traditions, move forward with determination, and they promise to always lead the way. Greg himself is a very people-oriented person and his company donates large amounts to places such as the Salvation Army. The company has also received the TTX SECO award on a continuous basis. All of these accomplishments of the company can be largely attributed to the help of Greg Aziz.


People he has worked with have commented on his work ethic and leadership tendencies. They attest to his positive attitude, resilience, and leadership in and out of work. Greg Aziz purchased National Steel Car from its previous owner DOFASCO in 1994 with a dream. He knew the company could be something more than what it was. It was operating at minimum capacity and he took it and turned it into a business phenomenon. He was able to expand the employee base from a mere six hundred to over three thousand by 1999. He was also able to increase production of rail cars from 3,500 to 12,500 annually. National Steel Car continues to grow and expand today in 2018.

Gregory Aziz has a wife and two daughters. They have supported him through the years and have been a large part of his success. They all enjoy taking part in equestrian activities. Greg sponsors the Angelstone tournament where his daughter competes regularly. They also support the Royal Agricultural Fair of Canada every year.

Greg Aziz majored in economics at the University of West Ontario after attending Ridley College. He joined in his family business and thanks to his background in economics, was able to expand the business to distribute food to other countries including Europe and even parts of the United Statez. Greg Aziz has always been an achiever and a dreamer. He leads from the front and is successful in whatever he sets out to accomplish. He operates not around money, but around people and he enjoys giving back to the community. With his drive and passion, there is no doubt National Steel Car and whatever else Greg chooses to pursue in life will be successful for years to come. Go Here for more information.

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