Vinod Gupta Ensures That Women Access To Education Opportunities


Vinod “Vin” Gupta is a successful entrepreneur who was raised in a humble background. Despite the challenges that he faced in life, Vin Gupta held onto his hopes as well as dreams, a subject he now uses to reach out to entrepreneurs who need a hand in conquering some challenges in business.

Being an intelligent student, he attended college where he received an undergraduate degree in agricultural engineering. He then enrolled at the University of Nebraska where he got his master’s degree in business administration. After completing his master’s degree, Vin Gupta pursued employment. He was fortunate to get a job serving as a marketing research analyst.

Vin Gupta’s role entailed compiling a list that comprised of mobile home dealers. He served at Commodore Corporation where he was tasked to compile a list of some of the leading competitors in the business. Vin Gupta went forth and placed an order for all the local phone books, thereby compiling a list. To finance his business endeavors, Gupta visited a local bank where he credited $100 from Commodore Corporation. See This Page for additional information.

Vin Gupta went forth to come up with marketing mailers that he sent to potential clients who stood to benefit from the database services that he offered. Contrary to his expectations, he began to receive orders from potential clients. Eventually, Vin Gupta founded his first brand- American Business Information in 1972. After two decades in operation, the company has grown immensely, and its market value was priced at $500 million.

The company rebranded to InfoUSA. By the time it was being sold, it had been renamed into InfoGroup and was worth $680 million. Vin Gupta is now an admired marketing and business professional who has been sharing his story with many entrepreneurs with the hope of helping them to accomplish their dreams. He believes that entrepreneurs need to familiarize with emerging business trends in order to make it in the industry. Being a philanthropist, Vin Gupta is also supporting women to acquire better education by initiating better learning education systems.