The Role of Avaaz in Creating a Better World

With a view to promote global activism on a number of issues, Avaaz was established in the year 2007. The civic organization is totally committed to creating awareness on various issues across the globe. For instance, the civic organization has taken the front seat in championing matters of climate change. Improving the human rights record across the globe has also been a major focus of the organization.

The civic organization also seeks to reduce the tide of corruption in many countries especially the developing countries. This is done out of the realization that corruption leads to poverty in the developing countries. The civic organization has gained a lot of acceptance across the board. For instance, the Guardian recognized the good work it does and described it as the most powerful online civil organization group. Res Publica is one of the major co-founders of Avaaz civil organization. Avaaz aims to attain numerous goals including enhancing deliberative democracy across the world.

The organization also aims at enhancing good governance across the world. In the formation of the civil organization, Ricken Patel, played a very important role. His academic background goes a long way in explaining why he has been so successful at the organization. At Balliol College, he studied politicsĀ  philosophy. Before forming Avaaz, he has been able to serve in various positions including working for the international crisis group.

While working for the international crisis group, he was able to serve in various countries including Liberia and Sudan. His stint at the international crisis groups taught him many valuable lessons. For instance, he learnt the skill convince rebels to come to the negotiation table. This means that his services have been able to prevent the spillage of blood in various countries across the world. The main source of revenue for the civil organization entails contributions from the individual members who have been able to raise more than 20 million dollars and more information click here.