The Rise of Louis Chenevert at UTC

Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert’s rise to the helm of UTC has been a long journey of perseverance, consistence, and persistence. His journey started at General Motors where he worked for well over a decade before moving to Pratt & Whitney Canada. Pratt & Whitney is a part of the larger United Technology Corporation, and Mr. Chenevert worked here for six years before being appointed president. He held this position for seven years until the year 1999 when he was appointed chairman and chief executive officer for the larger UTC.

Under the French-speaking Canadian, UTC has experienced exponential growth. In his first year, Louis Chenevert was able to achieve at the 100 billion dollar conglomerate what many other corporate executives struggle for the length of their careers to achieve. Under his leadership, UTC was able to acquire the Goodrich Company for a whopping 18.5 billion dollars after over a year of negotiations. Louis Chenevert has defined and personalized the mantra of people-based leadership. His management motto has always been that for a company to attain high levels of growth it must invest in the right technology, but in order for it to attain even higher levels of growth, it must invest in the right people. This belief has been instrumental in ensuring that UTC remains on a constant growth trajectory and that the personnel in the company remain committed to organizational goals.

Among the most successful programs initiated under Mr. Chenevert’s leadership is the Employee Scholar Program which covers the education costs for employees in UTC who would wish to pursue higher education. Since its inception, the Employee Scholar Program has benefitted well over 40,000 UTC employees all around the world, enabling them to attain higher education levels and advance both their personal and professional goals with greater ease. In the United States alone, UTC has spent over 1 billion dollars in aiding in the education goals of its employees. This has been instrumental in ensuring organizational growth, as the beneficiaries have become more competent, hence more able to achieve organizational goals.

Louis Chenevert holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Production Management from the University of Montreal in Canada.