The RealReal Resale

The RealReal is a consignment store started by a lady named Julie Wainwright. It is a fast growing store that sees quite a lot of activity. Receiving over 500 million dollars in gross merchandise for the year of 2018, The RealReal is doing well for itself. The RealReal focuses on trust with all of its sales. They makes sure that every product is sold to a customer that has been looked into before they will ship their products.

Starting out with just clothing, the owner of The RealReal soon realized that watches and jewelry was really the way to go. The jewelry and watches bring in way more money, and there just seems to be more interest in them. Just like all stores though, The RealReal sells clothing because lets be honest you can always sell clothing.

The RealReal is expanding. They are opening more offices and having big sales to bring in more clients. Consignment shops are becoming a big trend because you can find some of the best stuff for such low prices. The only downfall of The RealReal is how long it takes for your products to ship. The company is working on this though. They want to make sure that their customers are satisfied, and want to make shipping easier for them.

The RealReal is so easy to shop from because you can shop from home on your computer or you can shop from anywhere straight through your cell phone. The RealReal is becoming more successful as their name and reputation gets out. Expanding to more offices at more locations will make shipping easier and faster because it will be possible to ship items out from locations that are closer to the customer. Julie and all the other workers at The RealReal are working hard to continue to grow their business and keep their customers happy.