The Life and Career of Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC Owner

Without a doubt, entrepreneurs can benefit from strong as well as supportive networks. This could be in terms of online marketing, financial capital, emotional support from shareholders and investment advisors or legitimacy. Being a major part of a strong social network in business better positions an entrepreneur in the right docket of leveraging services. As illustrated by Hussain Sajwani of DAMAC Properties, established brands highly rely on strong entrepreneurial networks to succeed.


A Look at Sajwani


Sajwani is the owner of Dubai-based DAMAC Properties, having established it in 2002. Perhaps his passion for business rooted from his father’s involvement in business when he was young. At that moment, Sajwani learned a lot in regards to business and management. His father being an entrepreneur who sold imports from China focused on helping his son to garner vast trading skills. These skills would later help him to leverage the same services in different businesses. What his father did not know at that moment was the fact that Sajwani had other personal interests when it came to career choices.


Early Life


Growing up in a humble background of family that could only fit the middle class description, Sajwani had a keen eye on formal education. He, therefore, decided to join medicine school in Baghdad. Although he did not pursue the course to the end, he still focused on acquiring formal education. This time round, he chose to study business management from the Washington University. Sajwani majored in economics then landed a job at GASCO, an affiliate of Abu Dhabi Oil Company.


Growing in Business


From that moment on, Sajwani worked on establishing his career along the paths of leadership and management. He strengthened his networks then delved into food catering where he established an independent business. From the business, he supplied food and catering services to different companies under different industries. What is more, Sajwani shaped his business in a manner that leveraged unmatched products and services to clients.


The Outline of Services


In 2002, he decided to expand his career in business by establishing DAMAC Properties. Until now, the company has leveraged its services to more than 2,000 clients. Hussain is also in business with President Donald Trump. Together, they have designed the Trump Gold Courses. Through this and more entrepreneurial networks, he has grown DAMAC Properties into an international brand.