The Greatest Railcar Company in Existence

Gregory James Aziz has served National Steel Car faithfully during his time as chief executive officer. He brought this Canadian-based company to the prominent spot it holds today. His tenure as the CEO led National Steel Car to promote him to the board chairman and also allowed him to be a liaison to the parliament in Canada.

Greg James Aziz calls Hamilton, Ontario his home and this is where his family decided to raise him. This would also be the future home and headquarters of National Steel Car.

Greg Aziz spent the better part of his life preparing for this moment. He gathered his lessons together during his time at Western University where he focused on studying economics and business management. The skills he learned while attending University would help him turn National Steel Car into the most dominant force of the rail car manufacturer industry.


National Steel Car was inching closer to its 100th year of business before Gregory James Aziz took over the company. The day he was elected as chief executive officer he promised he would do all his power to get them over that landmark. However, for them to accomplish this goal, Gregory James Aziz had to do a few things. Get Related Information Here.

The first thing that had to be done was Gregory James Aziz had to spread a vision of innovation throughout the company. He believed that both the product and the people must always be moving in the correct direction. This meant they had to better themselves and stay competitive over the years.


The second thing that had to be done was Gregory James Aziz had to make the processes and systems at National Steel Car function in a more efficient manner. This must be implemented on a large scale. Gregory James Aziz was confident that once they accomplished these things that profit would begin rolling in.


The third thing that had to be done was Gregory James Aziz needed to spend time perfecting the foundational aspects of a good business model. He knew that the company would not exist without a few things being a place. He spent time getting to know his suppliers one-on-one so they can make good business deals. Secondly, he spent time training executives so they could lead in his place. Lastly, he personally thanked every member of the 2000 person workforce who made National Steel Car a great railroad company.


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