The Delicacy from OSI Group McDonalds’ Burgers

The OSI Group McDonalds is well known to fast food lovers. They offer delicacies such as French fries, chicken, hamburgers. McDonald’s has plenty of suitors, and it attracts a lot of customers. It is said the company sells 75 hamburgers per second.

The restaurant is supplied hamburgers by OSI an American entity where it initially started before setting sights in the rest of the world. In Europe OSI Group McDonalds began in Gunzburg. In this village, there is the Gunzburg factory one of the suppliers of hamburgers. It is not yet part of the OSI Group McDonalds, but talks are in progress to acquire the company. It accounts for about 90% of the production to McDonald’s. Hygiene is highly observed in this company. You must assume protective gears and wash off hands before entering inside the production unit. The precautionary measure is to prevent any bacterial infections getting contact with the beef.

The beef brought in from the slaughterhouses is in large chunks to reduce the risk of any contamination. The meat is then packed into containers weighing about 500 kilos. These containers are filled, and all this beef is processed within 24 hours. About 500 containers are used daily to make enough hamburgers. From the storage, the meat is minced while any pieces of bone are removed. About eight containers can be processed together. After mincing the beef is put in different containers for the hamburgers. They are then put in another machine which shapes the meat into burger shape patties. Fresh and frozen meat is used to bring the burger into the correct temperature. The room is set to about 12 degrees Celsius. About 5 million burgers are rolled on the belt every 24 hours.

The OSI Group McDonald’s has about 200 people working at the factory. About 40 to 60 of them are needed during each shift. After the burgers are made they are subjected to testing. The OSI Group McDonalds does this to guarantee that the fatty substance is right for safety reasons. After packaging the hamburgers are distributed to the restaurants.

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