The Chainsmokers Reveal What It Takes To Produce Cool Music with ‘Somebody’ Snippets

The Chainsmokers are living up to their promise of adding a personal touch to their music and providing real connections with their listeners. They DJ duo seeks to break off the faceless analogy associated with electronic music genre by providing their fans with a personalized brand that they can relate to. It all started with writing their music that tells of stories inspired by real-life experiences. And now, the duo is letting you in on what goes on in their studios with snippets of how they create beats and pitch up ordinary vocals to achieve contemporary hits.


Snippets on the making of ‘Somebody’ hit


In a post published on their facebook page, Chainsmokers Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall promised their followers to share with their followers what goes on within their studios. Their followers will be treated to rare shots of what went down during the production of their latest hit song, somebody. And in the first of what the duo said would be a series of clips exerts from their studios, Alex and Taggart shared with their fans some fun and raw shots showing how they went about bringing to life the different aspects of the song.


The video particularly captures light moments of the duo exploring different synth, piano, and Alberto tunes. It also covers how the radio banger producers turn ordinary vocals to the high pitches associated with their electronic music. They even let their followers on some fun facts about the making of the song. For instance, in the video, Alex mentions that the vocals featured in that particular video had been recorded for a totally different song.


More about the Chainsmokers


The Chainsmokers comprises a DJ and music production duo responsible for such hit songs as Selfie and Closer and the most recently, Somebody. The Chainsmokers brand started off with the New York-born Alex Pall during his college years. He would later be introduced to Andrew Taggart by his manager. The fact that two had so much in common such as having studied music in college, taking up interest in music production and DJ-ing at a young age helped create a strong bond between them that has since allowed them to produce massive hits and scope numerous awards.