Ted Bauman Doesn’t Think Amazon is A Monopoly

Steve Jobs was the tech world king of 2008 when he introduced the iPhone. The Kantar Worldpanel market research firm says that the iPhone is the world’s most popular smartphone. This made Apple a monopoly. When Jobs died in 2011, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos stepped in to continue Jobs’ work by trying to dominate retail.

Enter Ted Bauman

Bauman is among the economists that spend his days focusing on the critical issues of investment and finance. The editor of The Bauman Letter, he has over 100,000 subscribers that he is dedicated to aiding with securing and preserving wealth with both personal and legal strategies, as well as an innovative investments. Smart Money Service and Alpha Stock Alert are also written by Bauman.Ted Bauman can give market developments a larger perspective since he is not a traditional stock analyst, but an economist. His unique insight brings his readers profit and he reveals things that could threaten profits.

Amazon Views

Ted Bauman says Amazon as the modern day Sears catalog. The online retailer sells almost half of the products that are purchased by Americans online. A large amount of merchandise along with quick delivery and competitive prices fuel the need for immediate satisfaction.

Amazon Isn’t A Monopoly

Ted Bauman does not agree with those that call Amazon a monopoly and think that in three years it will control over half the retail market online. Ted Bauman realizes that Wal-Mart produces nearly three times the revenue, and Amazon does not generate as much income as Kroger. The e-commerce market is still represented by their competitors. Amazon sales have not damaged the competition.

Respect Test

Bauman points out that rival merchants might not like Amazon, but they aren’t claiming the tactics are anti-competitive. There haven’t been any lawsuits filed. Amazon’s legend is growing and Bauman believes that they will dominate in some timescales for sometime to come.Ted Bauman gives advice from a personal level so that his readers, everyday people, can profit from his knowledge.