Still on the move with Herbalife

Herbalife is a nutritional company that was founded in 1980 by a man named Mark Hughes. Herbalife became a thriving company and by the mid-1980’s there were several locations open internationally including Europe and Canada. Since the mid-1980’s Herbalife has also been established with the medical advisory board.


By the late 1980’s Herbalife was reaching a nearly decade-long run with nothing but success. By 1989 Herbalife had stores located in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Israel, and Spain. With a new decade and a ten year anniversary approaching. It is safe to say that Herbalife had made a huge name for themselves and was here to stay!


Herbalife is a weight loss and nutritional management company and they offer an array of products and services to help the client get on the fast track to losing the weight that they desire. The products that Herbalife offers range from milkshake supplements, to meal plans with suggested meals and calories for weight loss, to hair and skin care products. They also offer independent distribution of their products. This allows the customer to also become a distributor and make money while using the products.


Herbalife has been around for three decades and counting. Promoting health and wellness as a lifestyle. They have helped with the management of weight loss by assisting their clients with encouraging lifestyle choices, which has aided with the managing of diet and exercise. As we break upon a new decade, it is not foreseen that Herbalife will be slowing their tracks any time soon. As a matter of fact, if it is judged from their track record, they are envisioned to be the facilitators of many more creative and innovative ways to promote health and wellness. Which is what they have exemplified throughout the life and longevity of their vast and ever-growing company.