Robert Ivy opens up on the benefits of joining AIA

Robert Ivy is the executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). He is an experienced professional in this field. His wish has been to help other architects to know what the industry demands of them. He believes in giving back to the community, and that is why after spending many years as an architect, he is helping fellow architects to become better professionals. His target is the younger generation. He is making them know that they need to take their career seriously. Since he has been in the industry for decades now, he has gathered a lot of information which when applied by the young architects can help them realize the opportunities they need to exploit.

 Robert Ivy is encouraging young professionals to embrace the advantages that come with being members for professional bodies. There is some important information that they can get on such platforms. The AIA is one of the professional organizations in the United States that is well established and offers a lot of benefits to the members.

 The American Institute of Architects knows that there is a lot that others can learn by being members. Just like many other organization, AIA has a well-established system of producing educational material to the members. The educational materials are meant to ensure that the members are always updated on the information regarding their careers. Robert Ivy is the leader of this organization wants out to be of full benefits to the members. He is ready to go out of his way to ensure that the needs of the industry are always met.

 Another benefit of being a member of the AIA is that you will get the recognition deserved as an architect. There are opportunities that you can make contributions to the industry and get the required leadership roles or awards. The organization has always maintained that its sole purpose is to make the industry better. If you look keenly at the opportunities that this organization offers, you will see why Robert Ivy thinks this is the best organization. Robert Ivy has led this organization since 2011.

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