Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, And Innovator, James Dondero

James Dondero, a man whose reputation often precedes him, is a stalwart in the banking domain. Dondero discovered his entrepreneurial flair as a young adult, subsequently co-founding a company alongside his trusted colleague, Mike Okada. Highland Capital Management, the organization the two founded, has seen tremendous industry success. In fact, it’s a multibillion-dollar corporation offering an array of custom-tailored and value-driven investment services. Headquartered in Dallas, Highland Capital Management is making considerable strides in the following domains: distressed investing, global equities, structured products, high yield bonds, and mutual funds.

Dondero and Okada are thrilled with the progress of the company and seek to arm the organization with long-lived prosperity. When he’s not thriving at the helm of Highland Capital Management, Dondero’s using his renowned status to initiate reform. More specifically, Dondero hopes to inspire Dallas citizens to give back to their local communities. It’s for this reason why he become as an avid philanthropist James. From Education is Freedom and The Family Place to the Perot Museum and The Dallas Zoo, Dondero’s contributed both time and capital to numerous organizations. With assistance from Mary Jalonick, the CFO of the Dallas Foundation, Dondero developed the Highland Dallas Foundation.

Rooted in generosity and kindness, the Highland Dallas Foundation provides “financial assistance to veterans, students, charities, and civic organizations in Dallas.” Given Dondero’s active involvement in charitable causes, he’s earned a prominent status among his peers. In addition to being a philanthropist and CEO, Dondero is also a chairman, director, and board member. Some of the companies he serves include Nexbank, MGM Studios, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical. Fortunately, Dondero’s shown no signs of slowing down and hopes to remain a valued member of his business trade for years to come.