Paul Mampilly Reveals 4 Investment Opportunities To Be Aware Of In 2019

Paul Mampilly is a write for Banyan Hill Publishing who left Wall Street during his forties to build a new life for himself. He has, since, been working to help the readers of his financial newsletter, Profits Unlimited, to better understand the stock market. Mampilly was born in India, but he moved to the United States when he was 18 years old to get his education. During his lifetime, he has served as a senior portfolio manager, hedge fund manager, and research analyst. Paul Mampilly has been eyeing the business world and has some predictions for the 2019 calendar year. He believes that Big Data is going to become more accessible in 2019, which will change the business landscape.

This will allow smaller companies and entrepreneurs to better compete with larger businesses who have been able to buy their way into success in previous years. Paul Mampilly also expects that data gathering scandals will continue to plague companies who don’t respect their customers’ privacy. He believes that people will become less willing to share data with certain companies but that certain information will become more available in 2019 than ever before. This will help companies to better direct their marketing efforts and create the kind of content that speaks directly to their target market. Paul Mampilly has also revealed that virtual reality technology is set to explode in 2019.

Paul Mampilly says that then technology for VR is still in its early days but has revealed that it is advancing quickly. He has been suggesting that investors get on board with virtual reality stocks as soon as they can. He expects the industry to be worth at least ten times as much as it is currently in the near future. Paul Mampilly recently commented that voice search will become much more popular in 2019. He expects this to change the way that search engines function and that this will also affect the way that companies reach their customers. Mampilly figures that artificial intelligence will also become more prominent as it assists with voice processing software, so investors should be on the lookout for opportunities in the AI sector, as well.

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