Paul Mampilly Focuses on Data Managment in 2019 Predictions

Veteran investment guru and master of stocks Paul Mampilly has made his business predictions for 2019. The recurring theme in these ten major predictions focuses on consumer data. As the business world revolves the impact of consumer data become more important, and 2019 will see a massive influx in how that data is gathered and used. First off big data will be coming to a small business near you. According to Paul Mampilly the market is going to open wide as start-up companies gain the sifting power big business has been wielding for quite some time. Big Data is the concept of mining massive amounts of virtual information to better represent products to John Q. Consumer.

Bigger companies have the infrastructure and money to sift through such data, and have had a monopoly on its use for years Advancing technology is changing all of that, which means smaller companies can now afford big data as well. Secondly, the business world is going to begin focusing more on the consumer. User data is going to gain importance as big business began to emulate their smaller counterparts. Paul Mampilly says that start-up companies have enjoyed much success because of the relationships they create with their consumers. The grass-roots methods they use to market products has also taken modern business techniques by storm. 2019 will see big companies change their methods and begin using the same tactics. So consumers are about to become more of a focal point, and their opinion’s will begin to matter more.

Finally, there is edge computing. This is the concept of using a node physically located within close proximity to smart devices. The idea is that by closing the distance such devices can communicate better and function faster. As the Internet of Things gains popularity with every passing day, tech like edge computing spurs it closer to the mainstream. His new projects that 2019 will see a boost to edge computing. This will provide faster feedback to companies as smart devices log their user activity. Since this feedback will be gaining importance companies will be able to tailor their products more efficiently. Paul Mampilly is a successful investor and former hedge-fund manager for Wall Street. He writes newsletter for Banyan Hill Publishing and operates trading services. He aids mid-level investors make profitable returns from stock investments.