JD.com Contribution To The World Of Fashion

  Although e-commerce is quickly redefining consumptions in developed countries, fashion sales through e-commerce sites are still low. Last month, (Feb 2019), Jingdong Mall, which is also known widely as JD.com, signed a deal with one of the biggest fashion entities in Europe, the British Fashion Council. The deal was timely for the British entity […]

Aaron Lupuloff Appointed To GCPS Foundation Board

Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Fund, Inc. The Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Fund, Inc. is a charitable non-profit organization that is inclined to improving education in County Public Schools located in Gwinnett. The foundation was established in 2006 to maintain and improve the education standards of Public Schools in Gwinnett. The foundation aims to […]

What You Need to Know About Entrepreneur Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is known to be the founder and also the CEO of the ATS Degital Services. The reason why they set up the company together with his co-founder was to allow the clients to get a better solution on the matters of technical issues. The two have set the objectives of the company to […]

Michael Nierenberg and Mortgage REITs

It would be best to delve into the general concept of REITs in general before we dive into subsets of REITs such as mortgage REITs. See, a REIT is simply a trust (a financial vehicle) where an LLC or business entity is able to own a variety of properties in different areas. These areas may […]

What Peril Alastair Borthwick Faced And Inspired Him To Write

Alastair Borthwick is an author of books titled “Always a Little Further” and “Battalion – A British Infantry Unit’s Actions from El Alamein to the Elbe, 1942-1945”. The books he wrote was inspired by some of the events that took place in his life. Borthwick was born in Rutherglen, Scotland in 1913. Throughout his life, […]

Gareth Henry MD

In February 2019, Gareth Henry became the new managing director of global alternative investments firm. This was a major achievement for the businessman and investor actively involved in the industry since he graduated from the Herriot-Watt University of Edinburgh. An accomplished professional, Henry is regarded as one of the most respected business leaders who have […]

Neurocore uses drug-free, science based strategies to strengthen the brain

There’s a new way to measure mental recovery, and resilience. It’s a relatively new concept known as neurofeedback, and Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are utilizing this psychological technique to great avail. Neurocore seeks to help patients harness their brain’s ability to assess various environmental changes while building useful thought patterns for clarity in action. When […]

Louis Chenevert Prioritizes the Future

Despite his many successes, Louis Chenevert is, perhaps, best known for his time as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation. Before exiting the company in 2014, Louis Chenevert had successfully built the, already reputable, corporation, into a worldwide powerhouse and a leader in the field of aerospace. Today, under the leadership […]

Dan Bethelmy-Rada Shares The Work That Went Into Creating R.A.W

  Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the Global Brand President at Matrix / Biolage. This is an American professional hair brand. He has spent the past two years developing R.A.W. which is a new all-natural and authentic range of products. He recently sat down to an interview and explained the challenges that his company saw getting these […]

Organo Gold & the Coffee Production Revolution

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages on the planet, and it has been this way for quite some time. Coffee is similar to jazz in a sense because you’ll have to experience it in order to better describe it. Perfecting the art of jazz can take a considerable amount of time, but […]