OSI Food Solutions Focuses on Poultry in Wake of Chicken Sales

OSI Food Solutions is upping its poultry game in the wake of a recent rise to poultry futures. The demand for quality chicken products has increased by eight percent over the past three years. This increase has been felt across a wide berth of food processing companies worldwide and OSI is one of many taking advantage.

Recently, OSI Food Solutions doubled production at its Toledo, Spain to boost output from 12,000 to 24,000 tons. The action cost the company a whopping €17 million but was necessary to meet the demand. It also claimed the benefit of increasing jobs at the plant. The increase will further boost the surrounding economy and is a testament to OSI’s impact on the communities around it.

OSI first hit the map way back in 1955. The company, then called Otto & Sons, was a small town meat market that had made good. It had expanded to Chicago suburb of Maywood and garnered a strong reputation for quality. The business was founded by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, in 1909. In 1955 an up-and-coming restuarant chain producing a miracle known as fast food tapped Otto & Sons to be its offical meat provider. The company was called McDonald’s and the founder Ray Kroc like what he heard about Otto & Sons.

The rest is history. McDonald’s became a sensation and Otto & Sons benefited by default. As McDonald’s locations increased the need for high capacity OSI opened it first high capacity processing plant. The plant turned out pre-made patties and was even able to freeze them for transport as well. Its reputation soon garnered the attention of other retail services. In 1990 OSI Food Solutions went global. It now has 65 facilities in 17 different countries. Its workforce is 20,000 strong. OSI continues to provide McDonald’s the majority of its meat.

OSI Food Solutions follows the best and most stringent standards to ensure its food is high quality and free of contaminants. It does not use preservatives in its meat and trains its employees to appreciate strict standards of conduct. The end result is safely prepared food of the best quality.