OSI Food Solution Reach Extends All Over the World

Across the globe, OSI Food Solutions has overgrown to become a value-added food supplier. Now the company owns 65 different facilities in 17 different countries, offering employment to over 20,000 people. Even to be ranked in the United States as the largest company to be privately held. The company has gone through a lot to be what they are right now. In 1909 that’s when it was founded, at first, it offered its services as just a tiny butchery to the people of Oak Park, Illinois. Still, the OSI Food Solutions is connected to where it started because the main headquarters are based in Oak Park. The founder Otto Kolschowsky of the company migrated from Germany to the United States. After two years of living in the United States, he decided to open a local meat market. Soon after, he decided to move the business to another state which he moved to Maywood.

In 1928, the company was named Otto & Sons. Over the years, Otto & Sons gained a reputation in the local area as being the best in offering the highest quality meat. In 1955, that’s when they got in a partnership that changed the business for the company. By 1973, they opened their first meat plant that was meant to produce products of high value. The plant was located in West- Chicago; the plant had different machines used to design the meat in different shapes. In 1975, the company changed its name to be known as OSI Food Solutions officially. The O and S in the title was a reminder of the humble beginnings. To know more about the company click here.

Their growth continued that in 1990 made other partnership that was the start of significant increase for the company all over the world. One of the partnership was with General Million Corporation and Alaska Milk Corporation to found the GenOSI that would deal with the shipping of food in the Philippines. Over the years, to expand even further OSI Food Solutions has had to acquire different processing plants, farms, warehouses, and poultry processing facilities. The company is working hard to offer their services all over the world.

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