Organo Gold Fenix DX Pink Lemonade

For decades we have been consuming sugary drinks as a way to stay hydrated, and unfortunately they have generally been loaded with sugars and harmful sweeteners. Until recently many would consume gatorade or other similar beverages as a way to replenish after a work out or just to stay cool during the summertime. Watch this video on Youtube. Organo Gold realized that this was a problem and they designed an instant drink that can be mixed in with fresh water and will keep you hydrated pre and post workout. Who doesn’t like pink lemonade, it is a drink that has been perfected naturally for years, but imagine it with some health benefits as well.


The Organo Gold Fenix DX Pink Lemonade is a wonderful and natural instant drink mix that will keep you hydrated even on the hottest days, and with the wonderful herbs and minerals that have been added this is more then just your average drink. This is more then just your average pink lemondaid, with quite a few interesting herbal supplements that have made this mixture something out of the ordinary. The main ingredient is Chamomile Extract, which has been show to not only boost blood flow but it also benefits your cognitive functions. The Organo Gold Fenix DX Pink Lemonade also has the Ganoderma mushroom powder extract, which doesn’t effect the taste at all but it does add many more health benefits then your average pink lemonade. Because the Organo Gold Fenix DX Pink Lemonade is made in instant packs you can take this excellent drink anywhere. This drink is suitable for athletes and the average joe alike, anyone who wants a little bit of health with their cold glass of lemonade. Organo Gold has worked hard to provide a refreshing and healthy beverage and the Organo Gold Fenix DX Pink Lemonade does an excellent job delivering. Visit to know more.