Organo Gold: A History Of Great Coffee And Promoting The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Organo Gold has always sought to be something different when it comes to the coffee industry. This coffee company was founded by Bernardo Chua and they have a two-fold mission: they not only want to sell best coffee in the whole entire world, but they also want to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit through their direct selling platform. You will not find Organo coffee in any store shelves. However, anyone who has tried Organo coffee or sold it has become an enthusiastic supporter of this brand. Simply put, this brand just tastes good.

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You see, the Organo Gold brand operates off of one basic concept: even in the worst of economic Times, people the world over have always enjoyed their coffee. Coffee is something that has always brought people together in a number of different locations all over the planet. Organo Gold capitalizes on this by providing piece of coffee that does not compromise in the least. It does not scrimp on quality, taste or reputation.

Bernardo Chua and his associates have garnered praise for their business model, which encourages entrepreneurs to sell their coffee simply because they get a 50% share in the profits. If this were not good enough, Organo Gold coffee has also developed a reputation for having great health benefits.

From a foundational standpoint, this coffee has always been made from Ganoderma, which is a traditional Asian herb that has been well-regarded for health benefits such as lower cholesterol, resistance to viruses, liver protection and a higher immune system support to name just a few.

Naturally, this reputation for health benefits has only served to improve the revenues from this coffee. For example, in 2010 the estimated revenues were 35 million dollars worldwide. Organo Gold has products being offered not only in the United States, but also in Canada, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Austria, Germany, Jamaica and Peru. Moreover, top earners in 2010 where reportedly earning between $350,000 and 4 million. All in all, a solid product that many have gotten behind and for good reason.

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