Obsidian Energy Is Improving By Leaps And Bounds

Obsidian Energy is the name of the newly reformed and revamped company once known as Penn West. After its shareholders approved the name change, the company moved forward with it and looks to transform itself into a company that focuses on protecting enterprise value, being progressive and innovative, and becoming as transparent and accountable as possible. By transforming itself from the inside out, Obsidian has become a much leaner and capable company that has the assets and leadership to become more profitable than it ever has in the past.


Obsidian Energy is a reasonably-sized gas and oil producer that is able to produce 30,000 boe every day, and it holds a portfolio of assets that will enable it to become a leader in its industry. Obsidian Energy encourages an entrepreneurial take on the way it and its partners do business, and its employees are treated with the highest amount of respect. With a strong management team headed up by its president, David L. French, there is no doubt that positive change and improvements are coming. The new vision of the company to make sure that its investors know exactly what it is up to is already starting work to build stronger relationships. e company was at the apex of its success and was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY).


Obsidian Energy’s Diversity Policy stresses the importance of maintaining a diverse and employee base and demonstrates its own ethical leanings. The atmosphere that the company has created with its policy has contributed, greatly, to the happiness and stability of its workers. Part of the policy is aimed at the hiring practices of the company, and especially in the way that it ensures that people of all backgrounds and different genders are considered for positions with Obsidian. It specifically covers the hiring of its management team and demonstrates the company’s awareness of how important it is to have a diverse staff and employee base. Go To This Page to learn more.


Looking into the future, the team at Obsidian Energy is extremely positive, and the leadership is ready to take on any challenges that may come their way. The company is ramping up its environmental responsibility as well as its focus on sustainability and the health of the people who work for it.

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