National Steel Car Is A Successful Canadian Manufacturer

National Steel Car is a Canadian rolling rock manufacturer. The company operates out of Hamilton Ontario and is the most productive producer of rolling rock in the country. Greg Aziz is the CEO of National Steel Car. The company was founded in the early 1900s by a group of investors. The lead partner was John Marison Gibson. Gibson worked out an agreement with the Magor Car Corporation and National Steel Car was born. The plant began its business in Hamilton Ontario and immediately became successful in the early years. Over time it began to fade as a major power in its industry. National Steel Car reached its pinnacle in 1913.


Gregory James Aziz saw the opportunity in National Steel Car and believed in the basic components of the company. National Steel is currently the national leader in freight car manufacturing. It did so by increasing its production and manpower. Greg Aziz is a native of London Ontario. He received his initial education at Ridley College. Gregory eventually went on to major in economics at Western Ontario University.


The Aziz family was in food business. Gregory J Aziz initially started out in the family industry, which imported goods from Central America, South America and Europe. The company also did business with companies in the United States. Gregory was an opportunist and had the vision to see prospective business gains. His instincts led him to making the purchase of National Steel in 1994. Aziz saw the opportunity in the industry and knew that National Steel Car could come back to its previous prominence. He decided to base his business model on the company’s internal attributes.


National Steel Car became a major competitor in the industry under Gregory Aziz’s leadership. The company went from producing 3,500 cars per year to 12,000 cars per year. The employee ranks swelled from 600 personnel to over 3,000. Gregory instilled the pursuit of excellence in his team at National Steel. His tenacity pushed the organization back to the lead of freight car manufacturing.

Gregory Aziz makes regular contributions to the community and takes his philanthropic efforts very seriously. National Steel Car is known for participating in local events such as Theater Aquarius and the Hamilton Opera. The National Steel Christmas party is a major event that allows past employees to take part in the company that they helped build. Gregory and his staff also regularly contribute supplies to local area food banks. See This Article for additional information