Mrs Betsy DeVos: The Well-Known Reformer For Education

Anyone who has followed Betsy DeVos knows that she has always been at the forefront of the movement in educational reform. She began her journey into education reform and politics while she was attending Calvin College. While she was going to school at the time, she joined many groups and was very involved in the campus politics. Today, more than 30 years later, she is still very involved in politics and education.


Just like with politics, she is always looking to solve problems in business. She keeps an eye out for new and innovative solutions for many social problems. Windquest Group is a group of several private companies that work together to invest in clean energy, technology and manufacturing. Betsy is proud to serve as the chairperson for this group. She founded this firm back in 1989 with her husband, Dick DeVos. Her husband is also the former president of his family’s Amway company and the former president of the NBA Orlando Magic franchise.


One of the more important things to learn about Betsy is that she loves to pursue many nonprofit roles in her life. Her range of charitable interests are very diverse. She is a chairperson for the Family Foundation that she runs with her husband. She is also a member of a variety of local and national boards. Her most cherished role, however, is that she is a leader and advocate for the movement in education-choice voucher school programs. She is a philanthropist at heart.


The Tale Of Two Sides Of Betsy DeVos


Many people who have know about Betsy for years through her devotion and passion of charter schools and political stances are having a hard time getting to know the new Betsy. This new version of her to most people seems much different while she is working as the new secretary of education for the White House.


She was born into a wealthy family back in 1958 on the shores of Lake Michigan. Since marrying her husband, they have went on to contribute in upwards of millions towards the push for things like charter schools and voucher programs. These vouchers are given to students who are not able to use any type of public funding methods to pay for any religious or private schooling.


Millions Given Away In The Name Of Philanthropy


It seems warranted that Betsy and her husband get a lot of attention and some criticism for the amount of donations they dish out for political parties. However, the amount they donate to politics is just a drop in the bucket compared to how much they donate to other charitable organizations. In their lives, they have given out over $139 million in charitable contributions to a large number of organizations.


In the year 2015, the couple gave out almost $12 million in charitable contributions. They have both been players in the Republican party for many years. Charitable donations seem to run in the family. The couples’ four adult children handed out more than $100 million in donations in 2015 as well.


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