Mina Ebrahimi and her business ethics

When you are serious about making a successful professional career, it is imperative that you religiously follow some of the business ethics and morals to be more disciplined. This is exactly how Mina Ebrahimi feels after having started her catering business almost two decades ago. Through her setbacks and challenges, while growing the business, she formulated some of the most important traits that have made her so successful over the years. Let us understand them from her perspective.

  • Integrity is the most important quality that she expects in not only all her employees but also in all the aspiring entrepreneurs who wants to make a difference to the workplace. She feels that if you have high standards of integrity, you are likely to make excellent relationships with not only your peers but also your clients. Your opinions would then matter to people and your words would be trusted by everyone.
  • Next trait that she stresses on is to be responsible for our actions. Having a strong sense of responsibility is likely to take you forward in both personal and professional lives and could seriously impact your job performance. If you are responsible, you are likely to meet deadlines, manage your schedule and likely to be in good books of your supervisors.
  • Quality is her next choice. While targets could sometimes be overwhelming to achieve, quality is one aspect that shall never be ignored. According to her, the quality output is likely to get more business and more revenue.
  • The next important aspect of being a successful professional is to be disciplined. If you have a commitment to complete all of your tasks by the end of the day, you are likely to execute them if you are disciplined. She further mentions that someone disciplined is more likely to display high levels of dedication to the workplace.
  • Last but not the least, she mentions the importance of teamwork. Working in a team is always bound to put more innovative ideas on the table which results in better quality of service. Being a good team player is also a good trait to have if you are considering to get into a management role in the future.