LSVP Introduces the New Ashley Lightspeed Partnership

It was early December 2018 when Forbes reported international investment firm, LSVP (Lightspeed Venture Partners) raised $1.8 billion in funds and expanded its partnership. Five months after raising the funds, the firm introduced Ashley Lightspeed Partner and Investment Member, Ashley Brasier. She was among five investors to join the team and help manage over $6 billion in global investments and capital. Brasier brings years of educational and professional skills in management, markets, media, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Her accomplishments are outstanding while serving intern and leadership roles for companies including Carlsberg Vietnam Brewery Ltd, Bain & Company, and Thumbtack. Follow Ashley Lightspeed on Twitter.

Ashley’s partnership received recognition in the United States as reaching a remarkable milestone for women in the investment industry. Ashley earned a bachelor’s degree in Visual and Media of Arts from Duke University and worked internship as an Associate Consultant for Bain & Company. After taking part in the intern program, she served as Senior Associate Consultant until 2015 and left the company to work for Thumbtack. Her role started as the Category Manager Extern and eventually Category Manager while working for three years in the events and weddings business division. Brasier accomplished the launching of over 30 new categories in service and helping build approximately 500 new pages of content.

With over four years of experience working in management and various markets, Ashley Lightspeed ventured out on her own and start a consulting firm. She brings consultant and entrepreneurship expertise in growth strategy, operations, marketing, and sales to the Ashley Lightspeed Team. The entrepreneur built a clientele which included Fundbox, Thumbtack, Norn, and BetterUp. Now that Brasier is an investor and partner with Lightspeed Venture Partners, she will join forces with the investment team in building companies. The investment firm is an early stage venture capital company headquartered in Silicon Valley, California and has 26 active partners of which five are women.

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