Lincolnshire Management a Pace Setter in the Private Equity Sector

Lincolnshire Management Company is a privately held financial management and investment company that were established more than three decades ago. The firm focuses its investments on acquisitions, buyouts, recapitalization and corporate divestitures among others. The firm founding fathers are Frank Wright and Steven Kumble. The New York-based firm has over the years grown to be a leading private equity firm in the US and beyond. In the US the firm was recently featured by leading media outlets such as the CNN and Fortune Magazine as one of the top private equity firms in the country. More information about this can be found in this link

Lincolnshire Management boasts of opening other branches in the US besides the New York office and has outlets in states like Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles among others. The firm also boasts of having a collaborative leadership team of 20 highly qualified investment, operation and origination experts. The experts have a close working relationship and have worked together for so many years and have elaborated a superior track record. The 20 professional also have experienced principals, associates, and analyst that are operating under them. The experts and leadership that steers the company to greater heights have been featured here.

Lincolnshire Management for the thirty years it has been operational has successfully made investments through numerous acquisitions in different sectors. The firm also boasts of having a 1.7 billion dollars worth of portfolio assets under its management. The private equity firm was able to raise more than 120 million dollars from its first institutional private equity fund way back in 1994. The latest institutional equity fund the firm was able to raise 835 million dollars of investor commitments indicating a significant stride and growth from the first private equity fund to the fourth. Some of Lincolnshire Management significant investment includes companies such as Daibo Holdings, Latite, Allison Marine, Prince Sports, and American Coach Lines among others.

Lincolnshire Management is under the leadership of T.J. Maloney. At the firm, Mr. Maloney doubles up as the CEO and Chairman. Maloney joined Lincolnshire in 1993 and has been able to steer the company to higher horizons. Maloney has decades of experience in mergers and acquisitions including securities law. Maloney at the firm is tasked with overseeing the firm’s investment agenda. Maloney holds a BA and a JD degree.