Kimberly Bakker: The Creative Genius Behind Kimberly Bakker Events


Kimberly Bakker is the founder and owner of Kimberly Bakker Events. Kimberly Bakker Events is a company that specializes in private and memorable events. Her company also offers other services such as marketing, quality control, and consulting.


The Leadership Behind The Company

We take a deeper look at the “Momtrepreneur” Kimberly Bakker. She is a graduate of Santa Catalina High School and completed her education at the University of Southern California majoring in Business in 1992. During her years at the university, Kimberly Bakker worked for L’ermitage Hotels as the Director of Sales and Marketing. For several years, she has gained extensive experience and knowledge in all things relating to event production. With this foundation of experience, Kimberly Bakker founded her own company, that we know today, as Kimberly Bakker Events.


Kimberly Bakker Events

As mentioned above, Kimberly Bakker’s firm specializes in creating memorable events. These events include birthdays, anniversaries, and bat mitzvahs to just name a few. Each event coordinated by her firm is unique and caters to each of their client’s requests. A quick glance at the Kimberly Bakker Event’s website will show beautiful photographs of some of the events they have produced. All of them show elegance and the intricate attention to detail. See This Page for more information.

We take a look an article with FiveHundo entitled “Kimberly Bakker – Founder, Kimberly Bakker Events”; dated December 4th, 2018. The article begins with a brief history about Kimberly Bakker and continues to talk about her inspiration behind creating her own firm. Kimberly Bakker states in the article, “from a very young age, I thoroughly enjoyed the notion of creation, making something fantastic out of nothing.”

She continues to talk about her work experience and how her interest that involved creating and producing unique events became the foundation in creating her own company. The article goes on to talk about her company, and how organization is essential and “key to success”. The article ends with some expert advice from Kimberly Bakker. She states to be “your own guide” and trust your instincts.


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