Kimberly Bakker And Her Childhood Passion To Career


In the current economic climate, there are all kinds of jobs available to individuals. Momtrepreneur, Kimberly Bakker is someone who works in a unusual, but vital profession for the world. She plans events on behalf of her clients. It has been a dream come true come true for Kimberly Bakker. She can make a comfortable living doing what she enjoys most. Her career was expanded upon in a recent interview with Ideamensch.

Presently, she runs the appropriately named firm Kimberly Bakker Events. It was born from her childhood obsession of planning events for her family. Growing up, she made sure annual events like holidays and birthdays where handled with care. Her mother was a major influence in her life, and ultimately helped cultivate her passion into a business. Kimberly Bakker believes from the bottom of her heart that anything is obtainable with event planning.

In the next section of the interview she describes how hectic her daily routine can be sometimes. Her days are divided between event days or planning days. In either case, she always makes sure to spend quality time with her daughter first thing in the morning. It helps to ground her hectic life and keep her mind mentally in check. From here, if its an event day, she will pack her car to the brim with items for the day and head out. Once at the venue, Kimberly Bakker hits the ground running with dividing up tasks and ensuring every single persona has a wonderful experience. See Related Link for additional information.

It doesn’t matter how old someone is, their race, or even their background when it comes to events. They are meant to be positive experiences for each person in attendance. Kimberly Bakker always takes into considerations her clients wishes, budget, and venue features to make the best event possible.