Jeunesse Innovative and Cutting-Edge Product Leaves Flawless Appearance

It’s hard to imagine a more innovative makeup product than NV, by Jeunesse. The NV product line has everything that a person needs to look and feel more youthful. Once discovered, you will truly understand why it is one of the highest selling products by Jeunesse.

The technique for using NV is simple and extremely practical. Beginning with the NV Primer, it only takes just a few minutes to layer the facial area. You just take the 1.5-ounce can and shake it for about five seconds before spraying your face at a 90-degree angle to cover the eyelashes, eyebrows, lips and the entire facial skin. It’s as easy as covering the face with water. The NV Primer eliminates the need to use the typical five individual primers to cover the essential areas of the face before applying makeup. The five-in-one NV Primer does it all.

Once the primer is complete, the next step of the NV Foundation is even easier. Again, using the same technique as the NV Primer, you just spray the same facial area which allows all of the botanicals and minerals to form a layer that leaves you with a perfect air-brush finish. Choosing your final layer for a color choice is simple and fun with the NV color-match guide to decide what works best for your texture and tone.

What makes this product extremely special and unique is the fact that it can be used on every skin type, tone, and texture as well as every age group.

The products that Jeunesse has designed all fit with the vision of founders Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. In 2009, they chose to launch the company to give people an opportunity to thrive and feel at their best while achieving all of their hearts desires in life. The mission was to make the company a household name by changing the lives of people with one product at a time. Jeunesse is a labor of love for both founders, and they have chosen to only align with inventive and cutting-edge partners who also want the best for Jeunesse customers.