Jeunesse Global provides strong opportunities for personal wealth creation

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are two of the most prominent names in the direct-selling business. After having founded many companies that rank among the most successful that the industry has ever seen, Ray and Lewis were able to outdo themselves with the creation of Jeunesse Global. The company that they founded in 2009, which has been in operation for just nine years, has grown from a self-financed startup that was run out of the couple’s Florida garage to one of the most important global cosmetics and health brands in the world today. With an estimated value in the billions of dollars, Jeunesse Global has risen to the point where it is able to take on some of the biggest companies in the industry.

But the irony is that Ray and Lewis did not create Jeunesse Global out of a desire to increase their net worth further. The couple had already accumulated enough wealth that they could not spend it in 10 consecutive lifetimes even if they wanted to. Instead, the couple was primarily interested in creating a lasting legacy, a company that would serve as a life statement for a career spent dedicated to the creation of world-changing products. The goal of Ray and Lewis, therefore, was to create a company that would not only continue to spread life-changing innovations across the globe but that would also help people to achieve their personal financial goals, including the accumulation of wealth and the attainment of financial independence.

It was with this in mind that Ray set out to create one of the most lucrative compensation programs of any direct-selling company in the world today. Jeunesse Global currently offers its distributors up to six ways to earn money. These represent a diversified source of income where it is possible to earn significant money through a variety of different means.

The most common way for new distributors to earn through Jeunesse Global is by simply selling products directly to customers. But distributors are also able to earn money by signing up new distributors to the company who prove to be successful at selling large volumes of products. One of the best ways for distributors to earn, however, is to develop large networks of distributors beneath them, creating their own large Jeunesse Global enterprises.