Jeff Herman Offers Encouragement To Aspiring Attorneys


When it comes to reaching the goals that you have set for yourself in life, and determining the right career choice takes dedication and a willingness to succeed. So is the case of Attorney Jeff Herman, the esteemed founder and Managing Partner of Herman Law in Boca Raton, Florida.


Jeff Herman specializes in sexual abuse cases, sexual exploitation, and rape. He and his law team have been successful in providing justice for numerous survivors. Herman has been recognized for his confidence in the courtroom, and the compassion that he shows for survivors of sexual abuse cases.


Jeff Herman shared information on what gave him the idea for his business and how it got started. It all began about twenty years ago when he was a successful commercial litigator. Jeff Herman was referred by his colleagues to a woman whose preschool son with autism had been sexually abused by a school employee with a prior sexual conviction. This case motivated him to open the Herman Law Firm, and fight for victims of sexual abuse. He also shared that the most favorite thing about his job is the fact that he witnesses positive changes in the lives of those individuals, and their families, who are survivors of sexual abuse.


Herman also related that what makes him a more productive attorney is that he uses the big white board in his office because he is a visual learner. Each case gets a whiteboard that he fills with all pertinent information, and other pieces needed to build an entire case. His business grows as Herman helps the survivors grow and feel empowered. He considers this a measurement of his growth and success. When asked about the most valuable lesson that he has learned over the course of his career, he stated that finding a balance between his home life and his career was of the greatest value.


Jeff Herman gave a piece of advice to those who aspired to be successful in this field. His message was for them to maintain their patience, and the enjoy every step of the journey toward success. Find an area of law that speaks to you. Go Here for more information.


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