Jason Hope: The Role Of A Futurist.

When we use the term ‘futurist’, what is it that your mind first conjures up? If you immediately jumped to ‘Bladerunner’-esque visuals, you are missing the mark. What a futurist is, to keep this simple, is what Jason Hope has spent his career trying to define. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur from Tempe, AZ and one of the countries foremost futurists. Hope believes in the power of technology and, furthermore, he believes that humanity can take the next step in order to harness that technology for a greater good. One specific angle that Hope is betting on is the Internet Of Things. Read more about Jason Hope at Inspirery

The Internet Of Things is as hard to define as it is to catch a handful of smoke, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. If we were to reduce the concept to its simplest terms, the Internet Of Things would refer to the way that technology and human life are beginning to interconnect in an almost impossible way. From the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed, technology has a grasp on us. From our smartphones and smart cars to weather tracking, public transport and medicine — smart technology has laid a claim on our world. While smart technology has come a long way, it hasn’t gone as far as people like Jason Hope will lead you to believe and he is probably right.

Jason Hope believes that the Internet Of Things is one of the most important growing markets in the world. If the Internet Of Things were to grow to its full potential, the IoT would literally change the way that we live our lives. We could be looking at an automated, efficient, and safer future if the Internet Of Things lives up to expectations. For that reason, Hope is heavily pushing major companies to start investing in the technology now rather than wait until they are too far behind to try and catch up. As Hope continues to tout the Internet Of Things, we can’t help but notice that the concept is taking root and spreading throughout the rest of the world.

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