James Dondero: Shaping The Financial Industry

James Dondero is an experienced entrepreneur and philanthropist with a unique talent for developing small businesses into successful ventures. He is best known for helping companies and investors in Dallas to gain a stable footing. Being the president of Highland Capital Management, Dondero has included his firm into charitable missions. His entrepreneurial focus has also assisted him to delve into philanthropy to support various charitable organizations including The Dallas Zoo and SMU’s Tower Scholars Program. Over the years, he has also helped the growth of The Family Place and Perot Museum of Nature Science. Dondero’s initiative has been propelled by Highland Dallas Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Dallas Foundation.

Although every organization represents an instrumental cause in Dallas, Dondero takes a strategic approach to venture into philanthropy. He weighs the effects of his generosity while recognizing the opportunities for not-for-profit organizations so that the organizations work together to implement a significant impact on the society. One of Dondero’s recent projects was contributing to the growth of Dallas Zoo’s newly launched exhibit. Since the zoo eliminated its hippo habitat in 2001, when Papa, their famous hippo died, people were unhappy with the two year’s closure.

Moved by the community’s pleas to open the zoo, the management built a habitat to accommodate a larger population of hippos. With the support of Linda Owen, James Dondero has helped The Family Place through pledging a $1 million challenge. He has also supported the shelter for victims of domestic violence. James Dondero is also a board member at Highland Capital Management. He co-founded the company after garnering over 25 years of experience in business and financial management. Under his leadership, the company capitalizes on high-yield as well as distressed investing. Highland Capital Management also focuses on creating Collateralized Loan Obligation and credit solutions for borrowers.

Learn More about him: https://investors.jernigancapital.com/leadership/director/james-dondero