Jacob Gottlieb in Healthcare Investment

Jacob Gottlieb is an entrepreneur, a healthcare investor and a founder and Chief Executive Officer at Altium and CIO in Visium Asset Management. He studied both finance and as a medical doctor but ventured further into investments following his father’s footsteps. Recognized as the titan in the health industry, Gottlieb usually invests in companies with success and with achievable visions.

Jacob Gottlieb Entrepreneurial Career

He began his career in 1998 as a supervisor at Merlin Biomed Group before venturing into investing in different healthcare companies. He recently founded Altium Capital, a healthcare investment firm located in New York City. Some of his previous investments include Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Oragenics and Amarin Corporation.

Before investing in any healthcare company, Gottlieb usually conducts a screening procedure to evaluate the company’s performances which include a company with achievable visions, growth rate, and its focus. He has previously performed other job offers such as being a manager at Merlin Biomed Group and investing in Balyasny Asset Management the year 2001.

Gottlieb acquired both his certified authorizations in 2001 for finances and 2010 for the healthcare industry from recognized legal institutions. He uses research and knowledge gained from his experience to determine the company’s direction in business before investing. Gottlieb is among the top healthcare titans and remains influential in the health industry. He remains considered to be the best in ensuring the company’s visions get achieved and in excelling most of his duties in any position he holds as seen in his previous investments.

Overview of Gottlieb’s Previous Investment Companies

Oramed, as his first investment firm, has grown significantly in the development of new health products such as orally ingestible insulin capsules. Amarin, on the other hand, has expanded and contributed considerably to pharmaceutical innovations and emerging with cardiovascular drugs made from lipids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. And Oragenic, a healthcare firm founded in 1996, expertise in novel antibiotics developed in fighting infectious illnesses and in development of treatment for oral mucositis.

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