Isabel dos Santos on Community Development

Isabel dos Santos is an Angolan entrepreneur and the daughter of the former president of Angola, José’ Eduardo dos Santos. The 46-year-old holds a degree in electrical engineering from Kings College in London. After her studies, she worked as a project supervisor engineer before venturing into the business world (Alivenewspaper).

Isabel dos Santos has businesses in Angola and Portugal and is mostly known for her telecommunications business. She is also the former chairperson of Sonangol, a petroleum and natural gas company in Angola. With a net worth of about two billion dollars, she was named Africa’s richest woman and is one of the most powerful women in the world. Apart from being a successful businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos is a wife and a mother of three children.

Isabel dos Santos believes that women have contributed immensely in the economy and that they are a force to be reckoned. She is very passionate about developing the position of women in society because she believes that when you improve a woman, you improve the community. Her planting the seed initiative provides women with employment and a reliable source of income. In one of her projects, Isabel dos Santos helped out in setting up strawberry farms in Humpata, Huila province. This project helped 120 women. When speaking to women in universities and other learning institutions, Isabel dos Santos encourages them to leverage the world’s dependence on digitalization so that they can be absorbed into more companies. She believes that the only way to increase Africa’s presence in the global market is by accepting and improving technology.

In 2018, Isabel was invited to speak at the Yale conference, an event that focuses on development and peace in African countries alongside Pastor Evans Mawarire of Zimbabwe. The conference tackled issues like business, democracy, sustainability, and technology. Isabel dos Santos was called upon to discuss how she uses her platform to improve the living conditions of the members of her community. After listening to what the students heard to say, Isabel said she was very optimistic on what the future holds for Africa.

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