Isabel dos Santos hails from Angola and is one of the most successful women in history. She is the founder and director of Unitel, a famous telecommunication company in Angola. A seasoned entrepreneur, she has created jobs for over 50,000 people in her ventures and steered several projects. Isabel dos Santos is an Electrical Engineering graduate from Kings College London. The forty-five years old business mogul is ranked the richest woman in Africa by Forbes


Isabel dos Santos is a significant figure in the fight for the development of Africa and women’s welfare. One of the challenges she faces as a woman in the African business world despite her success is discrimination and sexism (BBC). 

This impacts on her day to day activities since even the opinions she gives in the course of her undertakings are always given a second thought. This is one of the reasons why Isabel dos Santos is vocal in fighting for the plight of women. She believes that despite all these, African women can still thrive by exploiting their skills and passions.

Women Empowerment

Isabel believes women have to be empowered. She holds that the blatant discrimination of women in their places of work has stalled Africa’s entrepreneurial spirit. Through her philosophy of “First the seed, then the future” Isabel dos Santos believes that the seeds to be planted are offering economic independence to women. This can be arrived at by providing them with equal education, job opportunities and eradicating against stigmatization at workplaces.

The business hero encourages women to adopt technology as she believes it will help Africa feature in the international arena steered by women. Isabel dos Santos believes technology is a job creator that women can utilize for their development.

Mentoring the Youth

Isabel dos Santos has brought to light her philosophy where she organizes mentorship programs and meets young individuals from her home country, Angola, and teaches them on the power of entrepreneurship which she believes is the light of Africa.  Isabel dos Santos makes personal visits to universities and is passionate about mentorship. She has several projects running which are generally geared at improving the lives of small communities and the youth in particular.

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