Interview With businessman Alec Sellem


Alec Sellem is a proven businessman, having his own business named Sellem Industries. The individual is also a mining expert and has taken part in charity work for the community through hiring workers, creating more education opportunities for future students, and by building schools. Alec Sellem has been able to stand out amongst other businessmen for his leadership, knowledge, and drive embodied in his interview with Medium.


Sellem reflects that the idea for his business came from recognizing a need for it in the market and through his own interest and research. Africa seemed to be a place that Sellem wanted to invest in with mining and believes that the evolution of technology has benefited entrepreneurs. The individual also states that he typically does not have a typical day or routine that he adheres to and that he thrives in a fast-paced environment. For others this could be excruciating but for him it is productive. See This Page for additional information.


He states in the interview that when he is in Africa he could be doing a multitude of objectives such as checking up on people, completing projects, and taking on other jobs. However, he does understand that his family is important and reflects that he tries to spend the most time with them when he is home, which allows him to de-stress and clear his head. Alec Sellem likes to come up with ideas but also get feedback from others to see what he can improve on or change.


One of Sellem’s strongest attributes is that he does not give in to challenges, but accepts them and finds a solution to any issue. In other words, he believes that his strongest trait is his drive and mindset when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Alec Sellem goes on to say that he wishes he had worked harder at a younger age and recommends that other entrepreneurs take part in the community and contribute to charities.


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