How Steve Lesnard is Transforming Global Brands Through Aggressive Marketing

Marketing has undergone tremendous changes in the modern age. One factor that has influenced the way marketing is done among leading world brands is technology and the digital arena. However, despite their proven abilities to successfully market a particular product, all factors must be adequately leveraged to gain the intended benefits. History has proven that brands that put their consumers’ needs first can withstand the test of time and transcend generations.

For a product to be successful in the world of marketing, it has to highlight the benefits that will accrue to the consumers and clearly state the value that they will add to the consumers’ lives. One such person who has managed to traverse the marketing arena like a colossus and gain global reputation is Steve Lesnard.

His Role Among Major Global Brands

Steve Lesnard has worked with various brands and played a crucial role in marketing their products. He has led high profile brand campaigns, built powerful partnerships across diverse fields like sports and technology and launched iconic brands that have taken over the world by storm. Indeed, his role in various marketing campaigns has reflected his passion for sports and cemented his position as the undisputed global brand ambassador.

Steve Lesnard has accumulated a vast wealth of experience working for several companies. His first role was with the American and Canadian snowboard teams in 1998. He served the teams as their Global Sports Marketing and Footwear Manager. After that, he also worked as the Director for Women & Cross for the brand’s branches located in Europe, Middle East and Africa. During his tenure in those positions, he redefined the local sports for women, creating retail stores for women after partnerships with influencers like Rihanna, Jamie King and Madonna.

Steve Lesnard advice that successful marketing requires a good strategy. Below are some of the fundamental principles he says are vital for the successful marketing of any product

  • Keep the approach simple and memorable- brand ambassadors should first start by outlining what is new and better as well as the benefits associated with those products.

Bringing the product to life and making it real- highlight how the product can be used, not forgetting to mention the products’ features.