How Perry Mandera Is Helping Chicago’s Disadvantaged Youth

Perry Mandera is well known in Chicago for his success and dedication in his industry, but he’s also known for a somewhat more positive reason too; his philanthropic efforts helping disadvantaged children across Chicago. Owner of The Custom Companies Inc, a successful transportation company, Perry Mandera has also encouraged many others to be charitable too. He created a company culture that encourages employees to be charitable.

However, Mr. Mandera wasn’t always an entrepreneur and didn’t even get much of an education; straight out of high-school in joined the Marines and worked in its logistics division. During his time with the Marines, Perry Mandera developed a knack for transporting large pieces of equipment and heavy logistical needs. After serving his country, Mr. Mandera was honorably discharged and entered back into civilian life. After a little bit of readjustment, he developed his logistics and transportation company. He used a variety of innovative techniques to make The Custom Companies Inc a success and then quickly turned to charitable efforts; he even established a charitable arm of his company to help with these causes.

Over the years, Perry Mandera and his company have donated to the likes of University of Chicago Medical Center, the Lynn Sage Foundation and Catholic Charities USA. Mr. Mandera has not only donated through his company but also aside from it. At the same time, his donations haven’t always been monetary; Perry once helped collect thousands of coats throughout Chicago and deliver them to needy people. He’s especially philanthropic throughout the Winter season due to his love for Christmas; because of that, he always donates thousands of dollars and goods to ensure that many in need can enjoy a great holiday.

Mr. Mandera has also been a coach for children’s basketball, baseball and football teams, which he’s done voluntarily. Furthermore, Perry Mandera has always been a vocal supporter of his local church, donating time and money to ensuring that the needs of his local parish are well served. This faith has also been important in many of his philanthropic causes, with Mr. Mandera dedicating a lot of time and resources to Catholic charities.

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