Guilherme Paulus of CVC Brasil Caters to Travelers from All Walks of Life

In Brazil, tourism is becoming a significant buzz particularly in Sao Paulo as well as Rio de Janeiro since these are the most visited places in the country that offer visitors business as well as pleasure coupled with an amazing peek into cultural heritage and spectacle. From 2006 to 2008, the economic issues have hindered the development of the industry, particularly in South America. But Guilherme Paulus has been shaping this sector since founding CVC Brasil, a tours and travel agency that has been providing high-quality products and services to Brazilians and international visitors.

For more than two decades, Guilherme Paulus has been shaping the Brazilian tourism industry through corporate leadership, as well as dedication and training. His approach toward solving issues affecting the travel industry has been forthcoming particularly in assisting clients to travel in luxury transportation channels. He has, therefore, garnered numerous accolades from governmental institutions as well as local bodies and federal governments. One such award is the 2017 Entrepreneur of The Year Award bestowed upon him by the federal government for offering job opportunities to people. The same year, he graced the Travel and Tourism Magazine where he was honored with the Personality of the Year Award for his contribution in transforming the travel industry.

To cement his commitment in helping the youth to learn more about tourism and its impact to the community, Guilherme Paulus has directed his resources toward CVC, to sponsor various educational programs on travelling and founding tourism agencies. The PIET project has enabled many aspiring business professionals in the tourism sector to learn more about the possibility of establishing a successful company in the sector. They are also committed to upholding professionalism as well as the corporate image. Moreover, Guilherme Paulus sponsors Dr. Klaide Care as well as Education Institution. The projects are committed to initiating children into science as well as tourism management. Paulus has also been sponsoring healthcare programs led by these organizations.

The idea to establish CVC Brasil came from Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who served as a state deputy at that moment. They met on a trip when Vicente said that he was willing to establish a tourism agency. Paulus, therefore, worked with him in launching the company. He created a business plan that has since enabled the company to succeed in the competitive tourism industry.