Gregory James Aziz- The Man Behind The Wheel At National Steel Car

National Steel Car was founded in 1912 and has been around for over 100 years. Despite early success the company suffered over the years and switched ownership several times. In 1994 something really special happened- Gregory James Aziz, owner of the Hamilton, Ontario company National Industries Inc., purchased the company and helped this declining company reach new heights. Gregory J Aziz brought a lot to the table with an Education from Western Ontario University, over a decade of real world experience working for a wholesale food company by the name of Affiliate Foods, and several years’ experience in investment banking.


Gregory J Aziz was able to use this experience to get National Steel Car, a company that manufactures railroad tank and freight cars, on the fast track to becoming an industry leader. Under his guidance, the company increased its production capacity by over 300 percent in the first 5 years, going from 3,500 rail cars to 12,000 annually. Over those same five years the company employed approximately 2,400 new people, many of which were from the Hamilton, Ontario area. National Steel Car is the only North American company that is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has been awarded TTX SECO for their exceptional quality products for 13 years in a row.  See This Page to learn more.

The impressive feats of Greg Aziz and National Steel Car go beyond the realm of business. National Steel Car is responsible for a series of philanthropic efforts to support the community of Hamilton, Ontario. The company has sponsored many charities in their local area as well as sponsoring the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, and the United Way. Every holiday season Greg Aziz invites his employees and their families to join him for the National Steel Car Christmas party. The company also hosts a major food drive with the mission of filling up local food banks. Greg James Aziz is known as a family man and is married to his lovely wife Irene Aziz. Greg J Aziz and his wife Irene sponsor and attend are multitude of charities and events throughout the southern Ontario, Candida area, including the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

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