Gregory Aziz: Pulling a Manufacturing Giant Back from Oblivion

While National Steel Car may be one of the world’s leading railcar manufacturers and engineering companies, it has not always been that way. There have been times during its history where it has lost significant business and been in sharp decline, while at other times it has been regarded as a national treasure. CEO James Aziz has been guiding the manufacturing giant into a new wave of prosperity since he first acquired it in 1994. He knew that to understand where the company was headed, he needed to understand the company’s past. He sought to learn about it, honor it, and create a separate identity from it going forward.


The company was founded in 1912 and started out as Imperial Steel Car. The creators did not feel like this name ever quite suited the new company, so by the end of the year, the company had the historic name of National Steel Car. Business was booming for this company when it first started out. It was creating an invaluable product for the day and demand was exceedingly high. The Great Depression was harsh for National Steel Car, as it was for so many other businesses. They struggled to find work for their immense workforce for the time. They had to find another way to keep themselves in business and spread out their focus.





World War II was a redeeming occasion for the company, despite the sad global circumstances. They bounced back very well and started creating materials for the war effort. By 1994; however, the company was in decline once again. The current owner at the time Dofasco decided that it was time to sell the company and started looking for a buyer. This was when entrepreneur Gregory James Aziz, or James Aziz, came into the picture. He was ready to celebrate the culture and history of National Steel Car by taking it in an inspiring direction. See This Article for related information.


The National Steel Car of today is just that, it has reached all the goals that Aziz set for it and more. Not only has it solidified itself on the world’s stage, but it is also a valued community member to its almost 3,000 strong workforce. It is a very prestigious company and it owes it all to Gregory J Aziz. This well-educated and confident businessman looked at National Steel Car and fought for its future. He will forever be remembered as the savvy businessman who brought a company back from the edge of oblivion.