Golden Opportunities for Swift Hurricane Recovery

It is truly amazing, the power of unity! United, partners striving for the same cause can bring a speedy recovery to hurricane-devastated cities. However, taking the initiative is the first step to rebuilding a shattered community. The U.S. Money Reserve, a precious metals distributor with offices in Austin, Beaumont, and Houston Texas took the initiative and reacted quickly to get relief and resources to thousands of hurricane victims. Hurricane Harvey ripped through residential and commercial properties leaving families and business owners stripped of the necessary resources for survival.



Everyone in the Texas Gulf Coast region was affected by the August 25th, 2017, Category 4 hurricane. The city of Houston was overwhelmed with water. Sadly, 39,000 people had to leave their homes and go through these waters to find available shelters. Joining with their Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) partners, the U.S. Money Reserve and the vendors they rallied, matched the ADRN’s donations for hurricane relief and recovery. Victims of this storm received not only resources but a hope of a full rescue. Together, these organizations raised $219,622 in donations that went directly to storm victims.


Although there were massive power outages, there was no lack of power in the united people. Anonymous supporters, large businesses, private citizens and a long list of other concerned neighbors and organizations donated money, time and efforts for this massive recovery operation. Furthermore, the U.S. Money Reserve matched the donations (up to 100,000), made by the community through “YouCaring” which is a free online fundraising and crowdfunding website.



Victims of the storm obtained desperately needed resources. The Austin Disaster Relief Network utilized their 75 churches and thousands of trained volunteers to get the job done. Volunteers attend ongoing training which prepares them for providing spiritual, physical and emotional needs to those impacted by large or small disasters.



The U.S. Money Reserve teams are experts in customer service and customer relations. Additionally, they have a reputation for being trustworthy. Their teams have business development, research, sales, and compliance and standards skills. These skills help them to execute disaster recovery measures. Speaking of measures, the U.S. Money Reserve may hold the key to a financial come-back for victims of natural disasters.


Investing in gold could be the pathway to full financial recovery from hurricane disasters. In fact, recovery will most likely be much faster and sweeter. No known natural substance has the ability to destroy gold.