Gareth Henry MD

In February 2019, Gareth Henry became the new managing director of global alternative investments firm. This was a major achievement for the businessman and investor actively involved in the industry since he graduated from the Herriot-Watt University of Edinburgh. An accomplished professional, Henry is regarded as one of the most respected business leaders who have contributed a lot to the improvement of companies. It therefore comes as no surprise that an investing firm settled on him as the man to drive their agenda for the future. Let us look at a few facts about Gareth Henry.

His education and career

Gareth Henry joined the business and investment profession after he graduated from the Herriot-Watt University, one of the leading business universities situated in Edinburgh. His graduation in 2001 heralded a new era in his life where he could move through the leadership ranks to become the head of one of the fasted growing companies. His first job may have been a humble one, but it was the perfect beginning because his experience as a member of a research team gave him a proper understanding of the industry. From there, he worked at several companies in various position s before finally becoming the MD of an investing company.

His achievements outside his career

Everyone knows that Gareth Henry is an accomplished business leader, but they know little about what he does outside his career. For instance, very few know that he is a renowned philanthropist with great passion for helping budding entrepreneurs. He was instrumental in the setting up and finding of an organization that supports students undertaking business courses at the Herriot-Watt University. This organization identifies the best young minds and mentors them besides funding their education. Through their operations, many innovative minds have joined the investment industry, and therefore, the future looks bright. The story of Gareth Henry is an interesting one. He was born in London, United Kingdom but lives in New York. In the various positions that he held in other companies, he was in charge of employees and their operations across the world. This accredited professional has a task of helping The company achieve its expansion goals the same way he did with previous employers.