Eat Smart With The OSI Food Group

Your diet plays a significant ro

le in the productivity of your lifestyle. The OSI Group understands the importance of a smart meal. Their food safety intiative is committed to the health of patrons. Their goal continues to be a smart meal plan with 0 added byproducts. While other food competitors are using GMO products, the OSI Group is dedicated to an organic meal plan. Each meal is packed with nutritious and delicious all natural processed foods. For example, their chicken is farm raised and then processed. Learn what’s in your food by visiting an OSI Group professional on their web portal for more details.

Who Is The OSI Food Group

The OSI Group is based in Aurora, Illinois. They got their start as a popular local meat processing leader with over a century of experience. Their diet is dedicated to smart foods like frozen poultry, desserts, meat patties, vegetables, and more. Their commitment is to nutrition and affordability with each meal plan. In fact, competitors are choosing their exceptional diet 10 to 1 over other networks because of their all-natural ingredients. Their excellence in foods have caused them to become the 2016 recipients of the British Food Council Awards.

Recent OSI Group Business News

OSI is dedicated to the growth and development of food service network. While big food competitors were fighting for the EU food industry, the OSI team was available to seal the deal. They’re now responsible for processing food for the popular EU Flagship food giants. The deal continues to be a success for all parties involved. In fact, the quiet Dutch, Baho Food Group will also become a part of their international business portfolio. They will process their organic vegetables to their network. If it’s OSI Foods, it’s a meal plan you can trust to feed your family.

Meet The Executives At OSI

OSI would like to introduce their CEO, David McDonald. He plays a significant role in their daily operations by committing to food safety. He has been a part of OSI for over 20+ years and continues to serve their network. He also proudly works with their COO, Sheldon Lavin. Together, their job initiative has created over 7,000 global jobs to help sustain the economic well being of families around the world. The same goes for their recent Chicago, Tyson plant food deal. Learn more about OSI by visiting their web portal for more details today.

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