Doe Deere: Unicorn Queen of Colors

You will find that Doe Deere operates out of LA, in California, and she has dedicated herself to the creation of bold & colorful/ cruelty-free cosmetics (these are also certified and vegan). This company is now offering offering a wide variety of makeup.


When asked how she got started in this business, Doe Deere had a lot to say. She had first started off with designing and creating her own clothing designs, coming up with an independent clothing line that was online. She had gotten the idea to start her own makeup that would complement her outfits during the time that she was modeling them for her website. However, she was not able to find any of the bright colors that she had want, so she had made the decision to start making them on her own.


You will find that Doe is someone who has always been in love with two different things: makeup and fairytales. She has made the decision to put together her two loves in order to create something that is cruelty-free makeup as a brand that is fun for anyone to show off with. You will see that the mascot for her Lime Crime company is a unicorn. She made the decision to have this as their mascot in order to represent individuality, beauty, and the compassion that all animals deserve.


When asked how she makes money, Doe Deere’s response was quite interesting. She said that she had founded and launched the Lime Crime’s cosmetics that were full of color, inspired by magic, vegan, and cruelty-free during the 2008 year. Of course, they are now able to be bought online as well as in many of the retail stores that you find in the U.S. and internationally.


When she was asked how long it had taken her to make a profit, her response was quite interesting as well. She said that she had first started out with putting her new clothing designs on the market through eBay during the 2004 year, and she had started up her first online store with that company. In under a year she had already start with making a steady stream of sales.


It is obvious to see that Doe Deere is a very creative individual, as well as someone to admire. She has had a lot of success in life, and a lot of that success comes from her need to not only help herself, but also to help others and the animals. She truly is some who will be talked about for a long time to come.


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