Desiree Perez and ROC Nation

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is the Chief Operating Officer of ROC Nation, the talent agency that works with Jay-Z and other big names of the entertainment world. While Desiree Perez may not be a household name, she has worked hard behind the scenes for over ten years to ensure that Jay-Z is one, and he and the other artists she represents certainly appreciate her efforts.

One of Perez’s roles is to organize tours for her artists. This is a complicated and tedious process, and Perez spends many hours taking care of the details. She works closely with promoters, venue managers and many others to schedule tour dates, and, after that, she goes above and beyond to promote the booked shows.

Desiree Perez

When one of her artists is preparing to release a new record, Desiree Perez takes charge of marketing. Essentially, this means making sure that the artist’s audience knows that the new music is about to drop and doing everything possible to expand that audience. Furthermore, she negotiates relentlessly on behalf of her artists to make sure that they aren’t taken advantage of by record companies, merchandisers and others who see a successful music act and want a piece of the pie.

While Perez works long hours, she loves what she does and takes satisfaction in helping her artists develop her careers. While she isn’t the one in the spotlight, she prefers it that way. Through her guidance, ROC Nation is one of the most influential entities in the entertainment industry.