Dan Bethelmy-Rada Shares The Work That Went Into Creating R.A.W


Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the Global Brand President at Matrix / Biolage. This is an American professional hair brand. He has spent the past two years developing R.A.W. which is a new all-natural and authentic range of products. He recently sat down to an interview and explained the challenges that his company saw getting these products to the marketplace.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada started out by explaining that he and his team came up with R.A.W. when they saw that people all over the world wanted natural products. Consumers no longer want things that are just “naturally-inspired”, Dan Bethelmy-Rada said. They want the products they buy to be 100% sustainable and with a very limited negative impact on the environment.

His team took a totally committed approach to provide what consumers are looking for when it comes to taking care of their hair. His efforts were backed by L’Oréal’s Sharing Beauty With All programme. He said they wanted to develop a range of products which featured the best environmental credentials in every way. This includes the formulas themselves to how they are manufactured and packaged.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada said in the interview that each formula has few ingredients and each is natural, biodegradable, and effective. This new line of products does not have any parabens, sulfates, or silicone in them. They instead contain ingredients such as coriander from Bulgaria, quinoa husks from Bolivia, and volcanic clay from Morocco. Go Here for more information.

Each of the ingredients is sustainable, fair, and can be traded right to its source. Dan Bethelmy-Rada said that they used green chemistry to create these formulas and they use the minimum amount of resources possible when producing the R.A.W. line. Other ingredients include honey, fungi, seaweed, and honey. The bottles they use are 100% recycled plastic.

He has been with Matrix / Biolage since February 2015. Prior to that, Dan Bethelmy-Rada was the deputy general manager at Garnier International. He attended Sorbonne Panthéon University in France and has a bachelor of commerce degree. He also attended ESSEC Business School and earned a master’s degree in strategy and management of international business.


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