Clean Up Your Inbox with Unroll.Me

Unroll.Me is a free service that helps people clean up their email inboxes from unwanted junk emails. This service can help streamline your digital life and have less unwanted mail to deal with.

Many people are subscribed to dozens of email lists for a variety of reasons. It could be a favorite store, newsletter or other service. But more often, people want a more streamlined inbox with less clutter. Unroll.Me comes in hand in this situation.

With one click. Unroll.Me compiles a list of every mailing list a user is subscribed to so one can decide what they want o keep and what to unsubscribe from.

Once you’ve decided what to keep, Unroll.Me will compile all you subscribed emails into one email you receive each day. Essentially, it is a breakdown and summary of all the services and offers you decide you want. This service is called At A Glance, and that’s exactly how it works. Everything you want is compiled so you can skim it, see what you need and move on.

Unroll.Me allows users to live a more organized and streamlined life. More of then not, we have way too many junk emails in our inboxes. Due to this, you could miss the offer you really want because you’re saturated with things that are of no interest to you. You can also chose the time of day you’d like to receive this email roundup, it can be either morning, midday or at night.

Unroll.Me’s service can be utilized all from your cell phone. The company has an app that allows users to streamline with just a swipe. The email rollup is also available in your inbox via both desktop and mobile. The email is designed to be mobile friendly as well, making it appealing to all.